Who, why & what Northern Ireland is famous for!

Visitors to Northern Ireland (and locals!) might be surprised just how much success has emanated from here.   There are the 'born & bred' sons and daughters of Northern Ireland in academia, the arts, drama, sport & entertainment.  In addition, we have a rich history of innovation and 'can do' spirit which means that many entrepreneurs have decided to set up their businesses in our country over the centuries and complement the skills and innovative spirit that were already here.

The following four galleries feature some of these past & present ambassadors for our country in the fields of Academia, Sport, Business & Innovation and, not forgetting, the Arts, Drama & Music to provide a flavour of our rich heritage.  We probably haven't done justice to these people's achievements and hope that we haven't offended anyone by leaving someone out, but there are just too many to comprehensively list everyone & everything - this is the kind of problem that Northern Ireland should be known for.