Tourist & Visitor Experience

  • A maximum of 7 guests in your group per booking is available (note: reduced to 6 guests if you require an independent tour guide to accompany you).

  • We plan each tour on a bespoke basis for each of our clients so that we can fully meet their requirements & expectations for their visit to Northern Ireland, although we do provide a 'set menu' of charges as well on our booking page.  We think it's only fair that you have an idea of the costs likely to be involved when you are budgeting for your trip, therefore an indication of our charges follows:

    • Half day tours (up to 4 hours from collection to drop-off) start from £180, with full day tours (up to 8 hours from collection to drop off) commencing at £350.  For visitors with more time to spend in Northern Ireland, NITOUR can be booked for a 12 hour continuous period in one calendar day at £500.

    • In the first instance please submit your request for a quotation to or on our booking enquiry page here, with details of the sites & attractions you would like to visit (note: if it is a last minute decision to consider booking our services, please contact me at the mobile number below to check availability).

  • When seeking an initial quotation we will require details of the date(s) you require, pick-up/drop-off times with the locations for each and your preferences for the sites & attractions you wish to visit during your tour.  If you are a cruise ship visitor, please also provide your ship's name, arrival time and last embarkation time for departure (we want to make sure that you maximise your time in Northern Ireland, but we don't want to cut things too tight!).  Once you're happy with the itinerary & price then we can direct you to the right package on the booking page to confirm. Or if you're happy to agree your itinerary nearer the time of your visit then just go ahead and book now (we will issue an email once we've confirmed your details & booking request).

  • The fee is the same for any hotel collection point from Belfast right up to Ballymena (if you're staying closer to Ballymena than Belfast there is less travelling time to the North Coast so you will be able to fit more in; plus with the money you've maybe saved on your hotel it's only a half hour drive to Belfast when you want to see the sights that the city has to offer and we would love to take you there as well).

Corporate Business

  • A maximum of 7 people in your group per booking.​

  • The cost is typically £50 per hour for a pick up location within 10 miles of Belfast city centre, commencing at the collection time and ending when the party is returned to this same location.  For bookings where the pick up and finish locations are different, or either location is greater than 10 miles from Belfast city centre, please contact me for a more accurate quotation when checking availability.

  • The minimum booking time is 2 hours.

  • In the first instance please submit your request for a quotation at our booking enquiry page (note: if it is a last minute decision to consider booking our services, please contact me at the mobile number below to check availability).

Personal Occasions

  • A maximum of 7 guests in your group per booking.

  • Some services are not listed on the 'Booking' page as they require more information to provide an accurate quotation.  Please use the 'Contact us' button at the top of the page with details of what you require.

Video Memento

  • A High Definition video recording, including still photographs, is available at a cost of £25 per 15 minute of completed video.

  • The video will be provided by way of an email link to our page with a unique password for your privacy.

  • If you have particular songs you would like added to the soundtrack we can do this provided you confirm that you own original copies of the media for your personal use.

All Clients

  • Please use the booking page for a quotation request with respect to availability & pricing.  For general queries please use the email address at the bottom of the page.

  • When you are happy with your quotation, please complete the booking form & return it to NITOUR and pay the deposit online quoting your reference number.  When both of these are received, we will confirm your booking by e-mail.

  • Please refer to the Terms & Conditions section of our site for full details.