Personal Occasions

Dublin Concerts

There are some fantastic bands & singers playing in Dublin during 2018 including u2, Shania (she’s still the one for me!), the Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, Kylie, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles & Cliff Richard to name but a few.


If you’re travelling as a group of up to 7 people and you haven’t organised your travel plans yet, then consider getting a quote from NITOUR as a cost effective way for a group to travel when compared against the alternatives:


Publlc Transport:  The train/bus specials from Belfast city centre cost £33/£28 per person to travel with a group of strangers at set times (and you still have to make your way to & from the station); worse if you live outside of Belfast.

Drive yourself: Add up the cost of fuel, toll roads, parking and, not least, the stress of driving both ways in a short space of time (maybe after a day’s work already)

Stay over: You still have the costs of driving yourself, plus the added cost of 1 or 2 hotel rooms.


Instead why not consider getting collected from your home and travel down & return at the times of your choice in privacy & luxury.  Get in the mood for the concert by watching videos of your favourite artist(s) on the in-car Ipads, or maybe just have a personalised soundtrack playing on Spotify.  The Mercedes V-Class can carry 7 full size adult passengers in comfort in soft nappa leather seats, individual passenger climate control and comfort suspension, not forgetting the fridge for complimentary snacks & beverages.


When the concert is over get collected as close to the venue as traffic permits, recline the seats and lie back & relax until you arrive safely back at home.

The standard package leaves Belfast at 4.00pm (to allow for traffic delays and to give you time to go for a meal before the concert starts), returning home when the concert is over at c. 11.00pm.  Why not make a day of it with the premium package and leave Belfast at 9.00am (or other time – it’s your choice) and spend the day in Dublin shopping or visiting the attractions (I can even hold the shopping for you while you’re at the concert), and then return home after the concert at c. 11.00pm (or later, again by prior arrangement).

We're not a dedicated wedding car provider, however our Mercedes V-Class makes NITOUR an excellent choice to chauffeur members of the bride & groom's party to the church and reception afterwards.  A lot of couples want an extra special vehicle to depart the church in, but sometimes the providers of these classic & sports cars don't have a suitable vehicle for the rest of the bridal party so you need a second provider - we can fill that gap for you.

If you book us for the morning as well, we can take the bride & her bridesmaids to the hairdressers or maybe the groom's party to the golf course.  We can make your day that little bit more relaxed so that you don't have to worry about parking in the city centre and if you want to have a glass of Bucks Fizz in the hairdresser's salon there's no problem; we are your 'designated' driver.

As we're already with you for your special day, we can offer a very cost effective way of providing you with a video of your special occasion by taking photographs and videos during the time in a casual, 'behind the scenes' style which will complement your photographer's formal portfolio.  We also set up a private Facebook page for your guests to upload photos & video clips of your special day and then edit all the best ones together, with a music soundtrack from your collection.  When it is ready we upload the video to on a private page with a password for you to view & share easily with friends & family.  We aim to have the video edited and available within 4 weeks of your wedding date, but we reserve the right for this to take up to 6 weeks during peak business months (which is still pretty quick).  Just check on our bookings page for these packages.

Airport Transfer

Going on a family holiday and there's just too much to get into your own car?  Or maybe an early morning flight from Dublin that involves the additional cost of hotel accommodation for the night before, as well as the cost of 2 weeks parking - over 200 Euros combined when you factor in fuel with a family of 4 sharing one room.  We have ample space for 7 passengers and all of their luggage, so if your group had 2 cars travelling and staying over the night before then your cost could easily be over 400 Euros during peak season.

Take the stress out of travel and start your holiday feeling more relaxed with a punctual pick up at your house and the comfort of being dropped at the door of departures, instead of having to deal with traffic and transfer all your luggage (& kids!) on an airport shuttle bus.  We can also collect you at arrivals on the way back so you're safe in the knowledge that if you've had a drink on the flight there's no driving to be done. 

If you're just visiting Northern Ireland we're happy to do one way journeys between your hotel and any of the main airports including Belfast International, Belfast City & Dublin airports. 

Whatever your trip, just contact us for an accurate quote.

Birthday, Engagement, Anniversary or simply 'a Good Night Out!'

If you, or your employer, are a regular customer of NITOUR then we can help out with your personal family & friend occasions, at special rates, when you only need us for a short period of time.  This service is only available by prior arrangement within one week of the date you require, as by then we will know if we can accommodate you if we don't already have a full day tourist or corporate booking.  We try hard not to disappoint, but you'll appreciate that this is a small add-on service to reward loyal customers whenever possible during our off-peak hours.


Shopping Trip

Maybe it's Dundrum Shopping Centre, a trip to Kildare Village Designer Shopping Outlet or just a day out shopping with the girls in Dublin you're in need of - we can take care of you.  Forget about one of you having to drive, or everyone parking at Central station and taking the Enterprise train, do it in style at the times you want to leave and come home at (to your door!).

We will collect everyone in your party at their homes within a 30 mile radius of Belfast and take you to your choice of shopping destination, whilst you sit back and enjoy your own music soundtrack when you've connected your phone to our media player whilst catching up with the girls.

Special Occasion Video Memento

If you would like to have a video to show at a family gathering featuring your pictures & videos but don't have the equipment or experience to do it yourself, then we can edit this together for you and upload it onto a secure & private link on so that you can watch it from any of your devices. Just email us with an outline of what you need and we will provide an initial quote for you to consider, before we discuss & agree your requirements in greater detail.

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