Inventors & Business

Harry Ferguson
Inventor of the modern agricultural tractor
Professor Frank Pantridge
The 'father of emergency medicine' and inventor of the 'Mobile Coronary Care Unit' & later the portable defribilator
Sir Hans Sloane
Physician and collector of natural history items, whose bequeath to the nation provided the foundation for the British Museum
Sir James Martin
Co-founder of the Martin-Baker Aircraft company and later inventor of the ejector seat in 1945
Sir James Murray
Inventor of 'Milk of Magnesia' and artificial fertiliser
John Boyd Dunlop
Born in Scotland, he is considered one of the inventors of the pneumatic tyre and set up his business in Northern Ireland
Alexander Turney Stewart
AT Stewart moved to America and opened the first department store in the world, the Marble Palace, in New York
John G Stephenson
Inventor of the first streetcar to run on rails in the United States
Short SC.1
The UK's first vertical take off and landing plane developed by Short Brothers. Received NI's first Engineering Heritage Award in 2012
Harland & Wolff
Once the largest shipbuilder in the world and known for its most famous creation - RMS Titanic
Bushmills Whiskey
Ireland's oldest whiskey
DeLorean DMC-12
One of the most iconic cars in film ever (Back to the Future) and built in Belfast
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