Corporate Business

We can provide whatever type of business travel that you might ever need including airport transfers, rugby, golf & horse racing trips or even nights out with staff & customers.  Why not make the best use of time within today's busy schedules by hosting business meetings on the go between locations in our fully equipped Mercedes which includes wi-fi and chilled water, soft/hot drinks & snacks for up to 7 people.  This can be beneficial when hosting customers or suppliers visiting you in Northern Ireland who are on a tight schedule.

With so much cross-border trade with Ireland it is probably more cost effective than you think to use NITOUR for up to 7 people on a Belfast-Dubin-Belfast same day trip, allowing you to all travel in a more private, comfortable & discrete environment than the train right to the doorstep of your destination.  We collect everyone from your office (or other pickups along the route) and the same coming back again.

The current price tariff, as at February 2020, on Translink's website highlights 7x standard Enterprise return tickets would cost £65 each for first class plus 7x daily car parking fees (£5 each) i.e. a total of £490 for 7 people using Enterprise Plus (first class) incr.  This is before considering the intangible costs of 7 people having to manage their individual expenses claims and your back office administration cost to process these; instead why not just have one simple fee to pay to NITOUR

Just ask for a quotation and provide basic details including the number of people, the date and time required for departing Belfast together with the estimated collection time for the return trip from Dublin.  Need to stay longer than the scheduled time? Not a problem - we will simply charge extra time at the agreed hourly rate, provided that it does not impact to the extent that it would cause a breach of working time regulations for the driver.